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Retirement plannig made simple and honest

With increasing life expectancy and medical inflation, planning for a long retirement is not easy. Our retirement tool handles the complexity and simplifies this for you by factoring all of the following.

Estimate Time In Retirement

Most senior citizens live into their 80s and 90s these days. This means a bigger nest egg to accumulate by the retirement date.

Decide When To Retire / Semi-retire

The year of retirement determines the corpus. An early retirement is wished by many, but will increase the target corpus. Semi-retirement, ie earning part-time for a few years will reduce it.

Estimate Post-retirement Expenses

Some expenses (eg: healthcare) will increase after retirement, whereas others (eg: commute) will reduce. Each expense may have a different inflation.

Review Current Investments & Assets

Mapping your current investments (eg: Provident Fund, Mutual Funds) and assets (eg: property) to your retirement goal can reduce the net corpus required. It also reduces stress.

Plan Investments

Your net corpus can be achieved with steady monthly investments (SIPs) or lump-sum investments. Our advisory creates a personalised investment plan and suggests best equities and direct mutual funds. You can complete these investments at the click of a button.

Review and Rebalance

Track progress real time and Know what you have today, the projected value and if it is meeting the target. Get unbiased advice on meeting any shortfalls and achieve a peaceful retirement.

What we offer

Secure and grow your family wealth with Jamā's honest investment advisory offerings (unbiased because of zero commissions, zero brokerage)

Our Backtested Results Have Beaten the Index

Jamā's research on company fundamentals, has selected an equity portfolio that has beaten the Nifty 50 index consistently.

How we select stocks
  • Strong corporate governance and promoter track record
  • Robust sales and profit growth
  • Operational cash flows & low debt
  • Strong return on equity
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Our Backtested Results Have Beaten the Index

Jamā's algo based picks have outperformed the benchmark consistently.

How we select mutual funds
  • Consistent performance & peer ranking
  • Faster growth in rising markets & lesser drop in falling markets
  • Operational cash flows & low debt
  • Fund house reputation and integrity
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Nageswara Rao Vasireddy

Jama financial advisors have made Financial Planning truly comprehensive and unbiased.

Abhijit Sen

Thanks to Jama Advisory, I could start my business with confidence. Money works hard for me and not the system.

Gautam Khanna

Jama direct mutual fund & zero commission/brokerage advisory model builds trust. It is refreshing.

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