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About Us

Our Philosophy

Jama exists to make people's live better by helping them grow their wealth. And keep more of that growth with themselves, by avoiding commissions & hidden fees. We are doing this with a passion to bring a revolution in the personal finance 'industry'. We are pained that many customers get a raw deal from brokers, banks and other advisors.

Commissions worth thousands of crores are paid, but do customers get every penny worth of it? We are breaking the old model with technology that changes the investment process. Makes it simple. No commissions, no high-fees, no conflict of interest. Jama is about simplifying money and growing it for you. Our model is simple

Our Vision

Our vision is to be India's most trusted and client-centric wealth advisory, helping people invest better to be financially independent, grow and preserve wealth.

Our Mission

We accomplish this with industry experts & unbiased research powered by machine learning algorithms, operating with a transparent & fee-based model free of hidden costs.